• Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take your Energy Healing Business to the next level?
  • Have you ever thought about what the best strategies are to make money in the Energy Healing Industry?

You know you were born with gifts, but do you know how to use them in a way that the entire world can benefit from them?

Are your dreams of taking your Energy Healing to the next level been put on the back burner?

Are you ready to expand and share your gift with the world but you’re scared to take the first step?

“Eram’s Invitation To Join This Life Changing Program Came At The Perfect Moment And Everything Unfolded From That Point On, As If By Magic!” ~ Niky Rey

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Right before joining Eram Saeed’s Telesummit Coaching Program I was under immense pressure due to everyday struggles AND the urgency of sharing my message with the World. Her invitation to join this life changing program came at the perfect moment and everything unfolded from that point on, as if by magic! Eram’s loving guidance and wisdom helped me overcome my exposure fears, my awkwardness regarding shifting roles in the space of an interview (I have been a journalist for almost 20 years, you see) and prepared me properly to share my message with her amazing community. She and her dream team held my hand throughout the whole process and from that safe and loving space we managed to co-create an unforgettable launch for my online practice! Thank you Eram Saeed, Dream Team and From Heartache to Joy Community! Much love to you ALL!

What if YOU are ready… how will you ever find out if you don’t give it a try?

Well, the good news is that there is now a fun, safe and easy way to go through all the necessary steps to help you launch your ‘Energy Healer’ career in the near future!

We have designed a program that will allow you to have access to EVERYTHING you need to discover how to become an Active Member of the Energy World.

Maybe you’ve already heard of our elite Telesummit Super Star Coaching Program that is renowned for being the best program in the world for helping energy healers generate 6 figures or more in their spiritual businesses!

“My Entire Life Has Changed For The Better. My Business Is Solid And My Ability To Serve Others Has Helped Me Grow An International Presence” ~ Andie Depass, Soul Frequency Consciousness

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Thank You, with my deepest sense of gratitude since I have been on your tele summit. My entire life has changed for the better. My business is solid and my ability to serve others has me grow an International presence. Every day is a new opportunity to thank you for being present in our lives.

You were born to serve in the manner you have developed your life and you continue to touch thousands of hearts every day.

I will and would always recommend the TSSC program to other healers and your training, Anyone joining her group is blessed for the opportunity

I could go on and on about all the crazy success Healers have created with the TSSC program…

But I know the initial cost of that program makes people a bit nervous because the investment is both steep in time and money.

Perhaps you have already looked into this program and you thought:

I’m Not Ready Yet!

I get it! I totally do… that’s why this Brand New Digital Program could be the answer you are looking for!


The Most Amazing Adventure Of Your Life!

SusImagine you are given an opportunity to begin a journey that you know will create so much Joyful Abundance in your life if you choose it- and then you choose it- and it turns out to be the most amazing adventure of your life!

It is challenging and magical and fun and you not only gain a career that allows you to share who you truly are with the whole world, you are also accepted and supported and allowed to help many people feel the same and create their own Joyful Abundance!

This is what I experienced and the words of gratitude do not quite express the joy that working with Eram and her whole team has brought to me. Not only did I experience their support I am pleased to say I gained new friends. So I will say with Joyful Gratitude that I would recommend this amazing adventure to all who also are asking to be a Joyful Contribution to are world!


The Best Investment I Made To Myself And My Healing Business

The best investment I made to myself and my healing business was making the decision to follow my inner calling and intuition to join Eram’s telesummit.

Since being on her show I’ve have so many doors open for me and it really launched my career as a healer. I’ve met so many wonderful clients and am so grateful to be a part of this community and FHTJ family.


There Is No Other Opportunity Like The One Eram Has Created For Newcomers To The Telesummit World

Being on From Heartache to Joy has absolutely launched my career. There is no other opportunity like the one Eram has created for newcomers to the telesummit world. I am so humbled and grateful that I have been given this divine opportunity to put my work into the world. I have met so many incredible clients through this platform that I continue to work with today. Thank you Eram and the whole team at From Heartache to Joy for believing in me and honoring my work. It has been life changing and I am forever in gratitude.


Your From Heartache To Joy Has Introduced Me To A Global Audience. I Now Have Clientele World Wide And There Is No Limit To The Impact I Am Able To Provide

Eram, thank you so very much for your part in all the wonderful things that are happening in my life since and in my business since I became a part of your TSSC program. I feel truly blessed to have met you and been given the opportunity to share my gifts with your audience.

My professional healing career began in 1990. It was location based and so anyone who wanted to see me was forced to travel to my office. This severely limited the number of people who were able to receive my services. Your From Heartache to Joy has introduced me to a global audience. I now have clientele world wide and there is no limit to the impact I am able to provide.

In addition to being able to serve more people, those with whom I’ve come in contact from being on your show are so wonderful. I feel more loved and accepted for who I am than I’ve ever experienced in my life. Being part of the global community you have created is an amazing experience. One that I would not have missed for anything; absolutely priceless. I have you to thank for my exposure to them and also to the family of healers who are part of your program. Thank you.


Eram Has The Golden Touch To Recognize The Needs Of Her Listeners And To Develop What They Need To Heal, Shift And Coax Their Own Abilities Into The Light

Eram Saeed’s Tele summit Superstar Coaching Program offers a fast-paced opportunity to get your business into gear, your services into place, and your true gifts to surface. Eram has the golden touch to recognize the needs of her listeners and to develop what they need to heal, shift and coax their own abilities into the Light – and of course, our own abilities into the Light.



I was blessed to participate in Eram Saeed’s Telesummit Super Star Coaching program and I have nothing but praise for her support and her professionalism! My entry into the Telesummit field would have been impossible without the help and guidance that Eram and her marvelous staff provided, and I feel truly blessed to have found this program. As energy workers, our focus is on the value of our work to our clients and to our world. This program is designed to help us present our gifts and our work in a professional manner that serves our work by extending its reach far beyond where we have been able to take it on our own.

Eram understands our work and, perhaps more importantly, our natures as energy workers. She honors our endeavors and gently but firmly guides us through the areas that energy workers tend to ignore, but that hinder our success. Her grasp of marketing and copy writing is nothing short of astounding. The materials she and her staff produce are both beautiful and effective, while still reflecting our personal focus. Her assistance with the technology of this business was invaluable.

Should you be wise enough to participate in her program, be prepared to work very hard, but know that you will have the leadership of a caring and knowledgeable organization on your side and dedicated to your success. Thank you again, Eram, from the bottom of my heart!



You will gain access to ALL the tools, documents and strategies that have thus far ONLY been accessible to our VIP clients going through TSSC… and they had to pay THOUSANDS of $$$$ to be in the program!

Now we are offering YOU this opportunity for a fraction of the price! That's right….

All the content is EXACTLY the same we have used for TSSC coaching but in the Digital Version it's only a fraction of the cost!!

This is YOUR ticket to learning how to have this Online Money Machine that works by itself! Once you have access to the program… you will see just how EASY it is!

Others have been doing this for years and have not only been able to launch and generate 6-figures… but now they’ve created consistent income generated businesses so they NEVER have to go back to obscurity.

Think of it like this…

Your online Money Machine is YOUR way of printing MORE MONEY! There are NO LIMITS as to how much Money you can generate once you have set it all up and followed the easy step by step process included in this package!

This is the EXACT formula that we have used again and again, over and over for YEARS… almost a Decade!

You will have access to one of the BEST kept secrets in the industry!

This is the #1 tool used to help Energy Healers generate 6-figure incomes in their businesses!

It’s so SIMPLE to follow and start using immediately… it’s a “done for you” program that allows you to step up to the next level without any extra effort!

Previously the TSSC Coaching Program was ONLY available to a couple of students each year because it was very time consuming and Eram just didn’t have the time to really walk each person through every step individually.

So for the past year we have worked VERY hard at putting together the Digital Version of TSSC Coaching that is NOW AVAILABLE to you!

This could be the BEST decision you will ever make for yourself and your Energy Business...

And the best part about this program is that you can do this at YOUR OWN PACE!

Join the 2 LIVE Calls with Business Mastermind Eram Saeed to learn what it takes to step into the next chapter of your Energy Healer journey.

There are no deadlines to meet, no pushy sales calls, nobody telling you what to do…

It’s up to YOU!

Learn as you go, take as long as you want… or FAST TRACK yourself to the next level!

Whatever you fancy… the choice is YOURS!

“Eram has spent years perfecting her platform for you and she shares ALL her expertise to get you more people and of course, more monies! It is priceless knowledge and when you have a marketing mentor like Eram, you know you are in the right place!” ~ Nidhu Kapoor

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If you are serious about your career as a practitioner and healer, Eram Saeed’s From Heartache To Joy Tele Summit is an absolute must! I have the pleasure of being the first person from India to be on it and I now have the thrill, joy and excitement of working with more than 150 people worldwide. It is an honour and a privilege to be part of an incredible line up of people AND to be addressing a group of people who WANT to listen to what you have to offer! As a healer, you know the importance of getting to speak to a focused audience and FHTJ backs this up with a FB group with this amazing set of people so you are constantly in touch with them!

There are training calls with Eram every week and this is exclusive to those who join. You want to be on those calls! I would go so far as to say that they are life changing in how to price yourself, market yourself and my fave, how to design testimonials. Eram has spent years perfecting her platform for you and she shares ALL her expertise to get you more people and of course, more monies! I have been amazed at how much I didn’t know and how much I had still had to learn (and am still learning). It is priceless knowledge and when you have a marketing mentor like her, you know you are in the right place!

There are many on the FHTJ team who support you along the way – Samia, Naila, Gretchen, Priya, Chris – making sure you always feel supported to be the best lightworker you can be. My own work includes holding hands (literally!) and to have my own hand held so well has been heartening and rewarding in so many ways! I can’t wait to come on again! This is absolutely the best Tele Summit globally today!

If you have already been at this for awhile and you are feeling hopeless and stuck…

Let me clear a few of the many misconceptions about the Energy Healing World…


Most energy healers don’t make enough money. That means you still rely on support from a second job or spouse in order to cover your mortgage, car payments and pay the bills etc.


Clearing More Financial Blocks Won’t Help

Clearing your financial blocks is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s a necessary piece to ensure money can flow to you… but it’s not the full answer. Because you also need a proven system to make money as well. And the business model for most healers will never build true wealth.

Healing Business Is Broken

Most healers think in terms of personal 1 on 1 sessions. You might be able to charge $75 to $200 per session and that sounds great… but it severely limits your business because you’re trading your time for money. And because you’re starting out you’re probably stuck at the $75 per session rate. So even if you did 10 sessions a week (which would be really draining) you’re only making $39,000 per year (with no time off for vacations).

Getting Clients is Hard

Normally you’ll have to talk to 20 to 30 people per week to get those 10 sessions while giving away a lot of healing for free. That means you’ll probably need to spend about $500 per week to attract those people ($26,000 a year) and so you’re left with only $13,000 income with other bills on top of that. It’s like you have two jobs… being a healer AND being a marketer. And that’s why most healers struggle to have a successful healing business!

“I Made My Entire Investment Back In The Very First Interview... Eram And The FHTJ Team Blew Me Away With Their Guidance, Support & Talents!” ~ Jewels, Infynite Gold

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The TSSC Program/launch was wonderful... Eram’s team blew me away! After reading through the sales copy, I wanted to buy my own products! Eram was super supportive and her feedback was spot on. I made my investment for the entire course back in the first interview... thanks to Eram and her rockstar team!



“It Will Give You An Income That Supports Your Work” ~ Nancy Jean Mirales

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The JOY of Heart to Heart Healing Connection!

Something that brings an IMMENSE amount of joy into my life is sharing healing and soul connection.

Working with Eram and her amazing team at TSSC has been a blessing and a gift allowing me to share my love of healing through the chakras with a global community full of the people committed to their personal healing path.

Working with Eram and TSSC has allowed my vision of offering my healing arts to expand and FLOURISH.

If you’re a healer and feel that now is the time for you to SHARE your Gifts and Flourish TSSC is a journey that will truly change your life!

You’ll love TSSC for so many reasons:

1. It allows you to grow and connect with your tribe in a new huge way.

2. Offers you a coaching model that supports you expanding your vision of what you can offer and aligning your gifts with your lifes work.

3. It will give you an income that supports your work and your ability to share your gifts with the world

4. Creates a safe space for you to show up and be more visible in the world as a healer

There’s a 6 Figure Answer

Imagine not having to go looking for clients that will work for you ever. Instead you have a consistent stream of clients eager to work with YOU.Imagine having a proven system to help you make money… a way to create LEVERAGE.

Imagine having a Done-For-You system that helps you to turn your healing gifts into products that can serve 1000s of people at the same time instead of just one.

Having a Done-For-You marketing system to get those products out into the world and into the masses and you don’t have to do even a single sale. The system will build your reputation automatically and allow you to charge a much, much, even 10x times more for personal session than you do right now.

You CAN Change The World

Imagine having the financial abundance in your life so you no longer had to worry about money. Imagine being able to focus more time on developing your healing gifts and helping people. Imagine changing the lives of more people around the world… of having a bigger impact than you ever thought possible. The opportunity to do all that is sitting right in front of you!



I went from being divorced, broke and miserable to creating a life of joy and abundance in just 7 months.

That included becoming the founder and host of From Heartache To Joy which is one of the largest healing telesummits in the world and currently in it’s 17th season now (pluns a 7 figure business).

Most healers in TSSC were under 10-20k in annual revenues when they joined from their own energy business and we were able to hit 50k in ONE launch!!

“Because Of Eram, I Was Able To Earn Well Over Ten Times My Investment (Net) With A Lineup Of Clients Eager To Work With Me”

Before joining Eram’s TSSC program, I had been struggling financially for years despite being a medical doctor. I had spent tens of thousands of dollars in all sorts of coaching and personal growth programs and had literally cashed in my life savings trying to be successful.

Although I had published a bestselling book, I wasn’t getting any recognition from my peers. I was fed up with working so hard and not getting tangible results and was reluctant to go into further debt just to get coaching.

When I heard about TSSC through my friend, Jenny Ngo, and witnessed the amazing success she had, I was encouraged to apply. I was tentative to fork over thousands of dollars in coaching yet again, but from the moment I spoke to Eram, I trusted her.

Her track record in the industry is solid and she easily convinced me that my expertise in entities was in great demand. I had found few other people interested in talking about entities until I met Eram. The clincher for me was that she promised I would be successful or I’d get my money back! (who else promises this in the coaching industry?)

I’m thrilled that I became part of TSSC and the wonderful family at From Heartache to Joy. I felt supported by the whole team and I was able to get answers to questions about marketing that had been plaguing me for years.

Because of Eram and TSSC, I was able to earn well over ten times my investment (net) with a lineup of clients eager to work with me. I’ve closed my acupuncture practice to new patients and I envision that my income from remote clients will continue to grow exponentially.

Because of TSSC, I now have a loyal and supportive tribe of AMAZINGLY bright and loving Light Warriors who spread my message of healing far and wide! I love them and they love me. It is truly magical. I also feel I can finally take some time off from working so hard all these years!

There is no question that growing your income means growing yourself bigger and that includes being willing to take on new challenges. If you’re ready to grow your energy healing business to the next level and you’re a good student like me, TSSC is one of the BEST investments you can make to catapult you to success. I highly recommend it!


“I’ve Made 8 Times What I Have Made In 1.5 Yrs Of Work”

Thank you Eram and the TSSC program! I remembered about 1 yr ago, I wrote to you, I want to be your next ‘Superstar’. This was the answer to my prayer. I was also so thankful for the 100% money guarantee! Because it has made it possible for me to join. It was a “no brainer” decision and I was able to convinced my finance-major husband to “invest” in me by advancing me the $.

For 1.5 yrs, I didn’t make hardly any money, maybe $5K starting up my energy healing practice from scratch. I was struggling to find clients in my local areas who were ready and open to my healing work, my speciality entity clearing and healing.

Eram taught me and others how to be a successful global telesummit speaker and introduced us to the world literally! I had a successful launch debut and in 5 months, I’ve made 8 times what I have made in 1.5 yrs of work. I am about to go on a bigger telesummit, Darius at You Wealth, all thanks to my successful launch on Eram’s show FHTJ. So I may hit my first 6 figure ever in my entire life.

I loved the work that I do now. The global clients are awesome! So supportive of my healing work. It’s literally a dream come true in many ways. With me having an accent and public speaking is not my strong suit, 2 years under my belt as a energy healer before joining, and no website….I worked to strengthen my ‘weaknesses’ so if I can do it, you can too!

I highly recommend this coaching program to anyone who is resonating. With everything and every industry, nothing is 100% perfect. But Eram and this coaching program gives you the opportunity to get your work out to the world and the telesummit business inside tools you need to be successful. You got nothing to lose but everything to gain. Thank you so much Eram! Words cannot express my sincere gratitude in your role of my success thus far.


With this program you’re reading about right now, you could be one of the next healers to be launched from obscurity to 6 figures (or close).


You will gain access to ALL the tools, documents and strategies for a fraction of the price that have thus far ONLY been accessible to our VIP clients going through TSSC… and they had to pay THOUSANDS of $$$$ to be in the program! That's right….

All the content is EXACTLY the same we have used for TSSC coaching but in the digital version it's only a fraction of the cost!


Ahtayaa Leigh

Arathi Ma


Christina Kramer

Denise McNab

Easter Alexander

Gina Brollier

Inna Vandervelden

Karen Heywood

Lottie Cooper

Mary Halima

Michelle Carter

Nidhu Kapoor

Renee Landers

Sandra St Yves

Sophia Zoe

Tahira Aziz


Alee Hoffman

Archanaa Shyam

Carolin Hauser

Cindy Lybbert

Dr, Rev Debbi Adams

Ellen Watts

Gizella Turbok

Iona Flores

Kathy Ranford

Lynn Waldrop

Matt Andrews

Mina Firme

Niky Rey

Robert Grover

Shannon Wallace

Stewart Pearce

Tara Chambers

Varena DeCuir

Amy Vasterling

Ayla Angelo

Cathy Hohmeyer

Claudia Gittens

Donna McRae

Esther Bartkiw

Grace Valador

Janice Noehulani

Klara Fischerova

Marcella Martyn

Maureen Damery

Myrette El-Sokkari

Pam Best

Roshelle Williams

Sharon Josef

Susan Elizabeth

Tarek Bibi

Vera Mirna

Annett Schneider

Andie DePass

Chai Kim Lee

Cristina Bevir

Dipal Shah

Gary Pincus

Grace Yin-Hom

Jenny Thao Ngo

Lanna Spencer

Marybeth Vanderlinden

Merry Street

Moira Shepard

Patti Sexton

Sally Page

Sherry Swatek

Suzie Nixon

Tom Hudson

Veronica Entwistle

Aparna Vemuri

Bill Cael

Chameice Daniel

David Chandler

Dr. Karen Kan

Gaylene Popovski

Helena Das

Julie Kellogg

Lisa Ferraro

Tarek Bibi

Mia Den Haan

Nancy Jean Mirales

Peg Rose

Sam Morris

Simone Valentine

Sydney Barrows

Trish Kling

Ximena Velasquez





Now I Am Making The Kind Of Money That I Dreamed Of!

I’m so grateful for TSSC coaching program, it really changed my life! Now I am making the kind of money that I dreamed of!

The information that I learned and the opportunities that I got were invaluable. Eram has a very special way of interviewing her guests that is a benefit and win-win for all. Her programs change lives. Thank you for this wonderful program and everything that you do for the students.


“Now I am making the kind of money I dreamed of!” ~ ANNETT SCHNEIDER

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I’m so grateful for TSSC coaching program, it really changed my life! Now I am making the kind of money that I dreamed of!

The information that I learned and the opportunities that I got were invaluable. Eram has a very special way of interviewing her guests that is a benefit and win-win for all. Her programs change lives. Thank you for this wonderful program and everything that you do for the students.

Here’s How We Can Help

We will give you ALL the tools needed to learn about turning YOUR energy healing gifts into a successful 6-Figure Business… including how to create an online Money Machine!

So what’s the model required to get your healing business to the 6 figure mark and beyond?

By joining this program you will have access to valuable information that is groundbreaking for Energy Healers… such as, most healers think in terms of personal 1 on 1 sessions to generate an income.

But even though you might be able to charge $75 to $200 per session and that sounds great… it severely limits your business because you’re trading your time for money!

Join the program to find out EXACTLY what you should be doing to turn your Energy Business into a successful career!

“If You Want To Reach More People, Make A Bigger Difference, Not Have To Worry About How To Get Clients, Not Have To Sell, This Will Be A Game Changer” ~ Tarek Bibi, Healer, Rap Artist and founder of the Infinity Academy

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I have been on many telesummits as a listener, and always felt that I would love to share my Infinity Healing Process in that format as a speaker. I reached out to several summits but only got into a few.

I set the intention that I connect with the perfect mentors, speakers, summits and then a after a few months, my psychic friend who loves Eram’s show told me I would do great with her Summit and that I needed to reach out to her. We connected, I loved her story, I signed up on the spot, learnt priceless information how to do a call successfully and my career took off!

I have clients from all over the world and have been invited in some of the biggest healing summits. I made my investment back and then some after my first call with eram. You can easily make 6 figures from your services using this business model.

I love that it teaches you all that you need. How to create your own program, what to say, how to sell, and how to make more money from the back end. I loved receiving the support from my peers, and that we have a weekly call where we can connect with Eram and ask any questions.

Eram is the one of my best mentors and is always sharing what she is learning to help is succeed even more. Eram’s summit has been the most profitable summit I have been on. They really know how to promote you and how to sell and market better than anyone else.

So if you want to reach more people, make a bigger difference, not have to worry about how to get clients, not have to sell, this will be a game changer! You can simply book in a time to chat with her to see if its a good fit. You are welcome to email me if you want to confirm this information about my experience.

Here’s What You Will Get

A proven Step-By-Step video training that will show you the perfect strategy to taking your Energy Healing business to the next level!

These videos include trade secrets that ONLY our participants are aware of and can use to magnify their own personal goals.

You will learn to build a list and continue to increase your reach on a regular basis. You will get the inside secret to getting GREAT testimonials that support and show your work in the best possible way.

You will gain insights on how to choose the perfect client that can benefit highly from your Energy Work.

We will walk you through building your product to promoting yourself and having a successful launch when you are ready. This includes how to structure your content, how to choose a name for your product or package and how to promote yourself through FREE traffic!

You will be getting ALL of this from Eram herself. These are the steps that we know work… we have consistently been in touch with our community and we know EXACTLY what they want!

  • Most Lucrative Product Ideas

The very first step in creating your niche in the Energy Industry is coming up with something incredibly unique and is in High Demand! 

This module will give you the TOP 10 MOST LUCRATIVE product ideas that are available today and help you to create an irresistible product!

  • Webinars that Sell Like Crazy

When debuting on a Webinar, it is VERY important to know how to present yourself and your product.

During this module you will gain insights to making your appearance on a webinar powerful and effective! From the BIG promise to handling the objections… all the bases are covered in here.

  • How to Sell without a Big List

Is your list really small and you have no idea how to sell your services or products on a larger scale? No worries, this module will walk you through the process of how to sell with your current list.

  • Package Deliverability

Get the trade secrets in how to deliver your package in a way that increases the demand and highlights ALL the benefits of working with you, your services and or product.

  • How to Identify Your Ideal Clients

During this module we will dive deep into what your ideal client should look like. You will learn how to identify, target and sell to the perfect client each and every time!

  • How to Write a Bio that Sells

Find out how to write a Bio that stands out from the rest! Get all the juicy details that will make your clients want to lineup to work with you when they read about you and your work as an Energy Healer!

  • Keys to Powerful Testimonials

Testimonials are the backbone to your business… without good ones, your services and or product will suffer the consequences! 

In this module we will dive deep into what makes the PERFECT testimonial and how to create it every single time you work with somebody! We will explore all the avenues of using testimonials and their benefits.

“If you are willing to work hard, and put on your fast-paced ‘entrepreneur shoes’, and have a gift, that you are brave enough, to share with the world, Eram will make your dream come true! She is a cutting edge telesummit host and a force of success in her area. Thank you, Eram and team!” ~ Arathi Ma

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I had a full time, very successful, on location healing practice. Yet, I had lost inspiration and even considered starting a career as an artist painter. After a couple of years living off savings, I knew that TSSC was just the right step to shift my business from 60% to 100% online, and make my gift available to a larger audience.

I can say, that just simply being immersed in a fast-paced business venture with a large interactive audience has been truly amazing. I have received renewed inspiration to uplevel projects that I love, added areas of automation, and finally decided to hire a VA.

If you are willing to work hard, and put on your fast-paced ‘entrepreneur shoes’, and have a gift, that you are brave enough, to share with the world, Eram will make your dream come true! She is a cutting edge telesummit host and a force of success in her area. Thank you, Eram and team


  • 1

    Ninja Packaging Ideas

    Combining packages has never been easier! This will teach you to generate more money with existing products.

  • 2

    Ninja Tricks to Skyrocket Conversions

    Learn about the top secret tricks that can skyrocket your conversions! Once you know these, the sky is the limit!


Well it gets EVEN better!

ALL of this is available to you at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Why? Because our goal is to increase the Energy Vibration around the World through people just like YOU!

We are willing to give you everything you need to be successful in the Energy Healing business in exchange for your dedication and devotion for making this Planet a better place!

YES! That’s right… we could easily sell this program and all of it’s trade secrets for thousands of dollars! But that is not what we are looking to do…

We want you to be SUCCESSFUL!

And once you complete this program at your own pace…

We want you, of course when you are ready…

To join our SUPERSTAR COACHING PROGRAM that can put your name on the Map!

It’s ALL up to you! 

By successfully completing this program you will be eligible to apply for the VERY Highly coveted coaching program called TSSC in which EVERY single launch generates at least 50k in revenues!

“The Best Training Course In The Entire US - Just Do It!” ~ Mary Beth Vanderlinden

Plus, you will have access to a HUGE list that you can market to and you will be able to setup your business in a way that will continuously generate the kind of income you ALWAYS dreamed of making!

But remember, the ONLY way you can apply to the incredible TSSC program is by completing this course.

“I ended up with a record audience and totally amazing sales! Beyond all expectations!” ~ Michelle Carter

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My first coaching session with Eram was really fun and very productive and exceeded my expectations! Chatting to Eram was more like chatting to a friend I’ve known for years than a professional coach I’d only just spoken to in an interview.

Eram’s information is amazing, but what was really awesome for me was that she totally focused the session around me and my healing abilities and by the end of the session she had put together a package idea for me and I knew exactly what work I needed to do, before the next session.

I am really excited about this opportunity to be coached and launched by Eram and am so pleased and grateful that this is happening to me right now. Many thanks!

Here’s Michelle’s update after she was launched on our telesummit:

‘I Ended Up With A Record Audience And Totally Amazing Sales!’

I am so pleased that my first ever telesummit talk was with Eram as she certainly knows how to loving take total control of the interview and to completely guide you through it. She will learn what is your greatest strength before the interview and will use this to make sure you Shine!

Earlier in my life, on two occasions, I had found myself in the position of having to do a speech and really messed them both up, so public speaking has since been on my ‘list of never do again!’ I didn’t actually tell Eram this until after my first interview, but her guidance through that interview was so amazing and really couldn’t have been any better.

I felt I didn’t need to worry because she would just deal with any issues that may come up, but the whole talk went so smoothly and I ended up with a record audience and totally amazing sales! Beyond all expectations!

Plus, once you are a member of the TSSC Program… you will have access to all of the FHTJ outlets, which are like publishing platforms for Energy Healing… it’s like having access to the ‘Amazon’ of Healing!!

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“Eram's business background is what makes the difference. She deals with all us woo-woo types, but her process is a results-driven business model that has changed my life!” ~ Sophia Zoe, Founder of The Pure Energy Program and PEP For The Inner Child

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Out of the many coaching programs I have purchased over the past two decades, none has changed the shape and income of my business like Eram’s Telesummit Super Star Coaching program (TSSC).

Eram’s business background is what makes the difference. She deals with all us woo-woo types, but her process is a results-driven business model that has changed my life.

I had been a featured guest on other telesummits, but had zero or very few sales. Those hosts lacked Eram’s knowledge and execution. Having tried and failed repeatedly at doing my own marketing, I have deep respect for Eram’s persistence to refine her processes. I know how much work and money go into converting browsers into buyers.

The TSSC methods appeal to everyone. I now have clients in thirty countries! It is amazing to be working with so many people I wouldn’t normally gain access to. Eram has helped me to continue my mission to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time.

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