Training Video 1:
How To Package Your Services For Online

Discover How to Turn Your Passion & Gifts into Successful Business in this FREE Webinar Happening on June 1st, 2022

By the end of this training you can expect to:

  • Understand what type of products your ideal clients are buying
  • Discover the most popular pricing points for online products
  • Find out how to package yourself - so you don’t waste time, energy and money (even if you have never done this before)
  • Be more successful with an online business by following these easy steps
  • Avoid costly mistakes and shorten your learning curve!

Training Video 2: 
How To Make Your Offer Irresistible So People Can’t Wait to Work With You 

By the end of this training you can expect to:

  • Know exactly how to make your offer irresistible
  • Stop wasting time trying to figure out how to close a sale, we believe in EFFORTLESS sales where NO convincing is required. EVER!
  • How to start building relationships with people who are hungry for and want what you have
  • Make your offers irresistibly easy for buyers to say YES
  • Learn the one thing you need in order to create a successful product launch

Training Video 3: 
How To Get Loads Of Online Traffic 
To Your Offer Overnight

By the end of this training you can expect to:

  • You can have the best service or product in the world and have ZERO sales without traffic….Learn the do’s and don'ts of generating traffic to your offer
  • Know the number one thing you need to be focusing on right now to grow a successful online business
  • How to focus on what works and what matters, avoid the expensive fluff
  • Discover 2 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE methods that you can start implementing for generating traffic IMMEDIATELY!, Both methods require minimal to no cost and NO BUYING ADS
  • Understand the fastest way to drive traffic to your offer

How to Grow a MEGA Successful Energy Healing Business by Tapping into the Power of Telesummits!

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During this live webinar you will discover:

Why are telesummits a very important platform for anyone that wants to share their message in a big way
How Telesummits can can create OVERNIGHT success for you and catapult you into “star status”
How have others just like you (some of these will be INSTANTLY recognizable to you) become over night stars through FHTJ and how you can also do the same AND have a massive client base…and just like you when they first came to me, they had no product, no database but a LOT of passion to serve globally!
What type of services and products do people really look for these days and how can you create such products too
How can you become a part of this amazing program

Save Your Seat NOW for this live webinar with Eram by clicking the button below.

Meet Your Coach
Eram Saeed

Eram Saeed is the founder and host of From Heartache To Joy (the largest telesummit for energy healing in the world) which is now in its 22nd series. She is also the producer of the latest docu-series on Energy Healing, Energy- The Ultimate Healer.

The Telesummit Superstar Program has also launched over 150 energy healers on to FHTJ and enabled them to not only dramatically increase their incomes, but also propelled them to global stardom in the energy healing community. Energy, the Ultimate Healer docu-series features 4 of her students/healers trained under her in the Telesummit Super Star Coaching Program. 

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