Do You Have an Energy Healing Business and want to take it to the next level?

How do you keep selling your services or products… and continuously get NEW clients and bigger revenues?

Do you wish there was a way that EVERYTHING could be done super easily and allow you to continue to launch BRAND NEW concepts including a high end offer to a list of eager buyers????

Well, now you can! Eliminate the Stress & Worries of trying to figure everything out and join the…

TSSC Elite Mastermind Group
(Only 5 Spots Available)

This 12 Month Program is designed to take ALL the hard work out of creating, designing, preparing & launching a high end offer to a community of eager buyers!

This will be a ‘Done For You’ platform….
Unlike any other telesummit in the World!

Over the past year we have made some BIG modification in FHTJ. This includes offering a complete done for you model for every launch.

You may have also noticed that we now only have 1-2 speaker each week. This allows us to really focus our attention and energy on EVERY speaker that comes on our show.

What that means to you ...

We have cracked the code on successful launches!

And we are proud to say this gives our TSSC students much more success in their launches!

This means that in order to have EVERY SPEAKER be successful, everyone must have the support and tools that we provide. Because of that, we can't launch speakers on FHTJ that don't have the proper support.

Oh and PS ...

If you haven't heard ... starting NOW, we are spending money every month on Facebook Ads, which is set to increase our global list on an ongoing basis. This means that our FHTJ community membership is quickly growing and they are waiting to meet you!

So, How Does It Work?

  • You get THREE Guaranteed Interviews / Launches per Year on FHTJ (one high ticket item and two regular packages)!
  • 3 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls for Package Creation / Strategy & Launch Preparation ... One call for EACH package
  • We help YOU create the perfect package and do EVERYTHING like we do for the TSSC launches!
  • You get to keep ALL the assets (sales page, emails, etc.) which you can continue to go on and promote directly or on other summits!
  • 4 week group mastermind on creating high ticket packages EVERY with Eram
  • Training program on creating a high ticket program
  • The POWER of a Mastermind Group, where you can share and brainstorm ideas with some of the most successful healers in the industry (plus tweak something when it doesn't go as planned)!
  • Elite Service with a TON of support… we are with YOU every step of the way!!!!
  • Receive a 50/50 split on all products during the year (minus credit card fees)
  • Get paid faster! TSSC Elite payouts are 30 days after launching a new product!
  • And much much more!

Every time we launch a speaker… we generate between $20k to $30k

IMAGINE… Success EVERY time you launch a new program!
IMAGINE… A team of Experts at your fingertips!
IMAGINE… THREE Brand New LIVE calls a year!!!
IMAGINE...Creating a HIGH TICKET offer that you can launch to a group of eager buyers!!
IMAGINE… Having a SOLID stream of income from your Energy Business!

“Eram has spent years perfecting her platform for you and she shares ALL her expertise to get you more people and of course, more monies! It is priceless knowledge and when you have a marketing mentor like Eram, you know you are in the right place!” ~ Nidhu Kapoor

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If you are serious about your career as a practitioner and healer, Eram Saeed’s From Heartache To Joy Tele Summit is an absolute must! I have the pleasure of being the first person from India to be on it and I now have the thrill, joy and excitement of working with more than 150 people worldwide. It is an honour and a privilege to be part of an incredible line up of people AND to be addressing a group of people who WANT to listen to what you have to offer! As a healer, you know the importance of getting to speak to a focused audience and FHTJ backs this up with a FB group with this amazing set of people so you are constantly in touch with them!

There are training calls with Eram every week and this is exclusive to those who join. You want to be on those calls! I would go so far as to say that they are life changing in how to price yourself, market yourself and my fave, how to design testimonials. Eram has spent years perfecting her platform for you and she shares ALL her expertise to get you more people and of course, more monies! I have been amazed at how much I didn’t know and how much I had still had to learn (and am still learning). It is priceless knowledge and when you have a marketing mentor like her, you know you are in the right place!

There are many on the FHTJ team who support you along the way – Samia, Naila, Gretchen, Priya, Chris – making sure you always feel supported to be the best lightworker you can be. My own work includes holding hands (literally!) and to have my own hand held so well has been heartening and rewarding in so many ways! I can’t wait to come on again! This is absolutely the best Tele Summit globally today!


We are so confident that you will be SUCCESSFUL with this BRAND NEW PROGRAM… that we are offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!!!

If you don’t recoup your investment fee for this program in the within the year…

We will REFUND you what you don't make back!

Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that!!

“I Made My Entire Investment Back In The Very First Interview... Eram And The FHTJ Team Blew Me Away With Their Guidance, Support & Talents!” ~ Jewels, Infynite Gold

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The TSSC Program/launch was wonderful... Eram’s team blew me away! After reading through the sales copy, I wanted to buy my own products! Eram was super supportive and her feedback was spot on. I made my investment for the entire course back in the first interview... thanks to Eram and her rockstar team!

“I Tripled My Investment In The Very First Call…” ~ Michelle Carter

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My first coaching session with Eram was really fun and very productive and exceeded my expectations! Chatting to Eram was more like chatting to a friend I’ve known for years than a professional coach I’d only just spoken to in an interview.

Eram’s information is amazing, but what was really awesome for me was that she totally focused the session around me and my healing abilities and by the end of the session she had put together a package idea for me and I knew exactly what work I needed to do, before the next session.

I am really excited about this opportunity to be coached and launched by Eram and am so pleased and grateful that this is happening to me right now. Many thanks!

Here’s Michelle’s update after she was launched on our telesummit:

‘I Ended Up With A Record Audience And Totally Amazing Sales!’

I am so pleased that my first ever telesummit talk was with Eram as she certainly knows how to loving take total control of the interview and to completely guide you through it. She will learn what is your greatest strength before the interview and will use this to make sure you Shine!

Earlier in my life, on two occasions, I had found myself in the position of having to do a speech and really messed them both up, so public speaking has since been on my ‘list of never do again!’ I didn’t actually tell Eram this until after my first interview, but her guidance through that interview was so amazing and really couldn’t have been any better.

I felt I didn’t need to worry because she would just deal with any issues that may come up, but the whole talk went so smoothly and I ended up with a record audience and totally amazing sales! Beyond all expectations!

This is an opportunity like NOTHING ever offered before! We know that with our Team of Experts and YOUR Energy Healing services… it’s a Win, Win!

What’s the Investment?

You Get EVERYTHING listed above for a one time fee of $15,000

2 Payments of $7,500 each can be made… but must be paid in full by January 15th.

There are ONLY 5 SPOTS available where we can GUARANTEE YOUR Success, so now is YOUR chance…

You can pick the dates that match your Energy and Schedule!!!

“Eram’s Invitation To Join This Life Changing Program Came At The Perfect Moment And Everything Unfolded From That Point On, As If By Magic!” ~ Niky Rey

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Right before joining Eram Saeed’s Telesummit Coaching Program I was under immense pressure due to everyday struggles AND the urgency of sharing my message with the World. Her invitation to join this life changing program came at the perfect moment and everything unfolded from that point on, as if by magic! Eram’s loving guidance and wisdom helped me overcome my exposure fears, my awkwardness regarding shifting roles in the space of an interview (I have been a journalist for almost 20 years, you see) and prepared me properly to share my message with her amazing community. She and her dream team held my hand throughout the whole process and from that safe and loving space we managed to co-create an unforgettable launch for my online practice! Thank you Eram Saeed, Dream Team and From Heartache to Joy Community! Much love to you ALL!

“My Entire Life Has Changed For The Better. My Business Is Solid And My Ability To Serve Others Has Helped Me Grow An International Presence” ~ Andie Depass, Soul Frequency Consciousness

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Thank You, with my deepest sense of gratitude since I have been on your tele summit. My entire life has changed for the better. My business is solid and my ability to serve others has me grow an International presence. Every day is a new opportunity to thank you for being present in our lives.

You were born to serve in the manner you have developed your life and you continue to touch thousands of hearts every day.

I will and would always recommend the TSSC program to other healers and your training, Anyone joining her group is blessed for the opportunity

In fact, Eram has invested over $100k in marketing, ads and promotions for the FHTJ Telesummit…

Our GROWTH has increased significantly in the last year  and will continue to do so going forward.

What does this mean for you?

You will be able to get YOUR program out to the masses!!!! These are ALL people who are interested in Energy work just like YOURS!!!!

Your reach will be far beyond ANYTHING you ever imagined possible!!!!

Join us in changing the World… making Energy Healing the wave of the FUTURE!!!!

“If You Want To Reach More People, Make A Bigger Difference, Not Have To Worry About How To Get Clients, Not Have To Sell, This Will Be A Game Changer” ~ Tarek Bibi, Healer, Rap Artist and founder of the Infinity Academy

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I have been on many telesummits as a listener, and always felt that I would love to share my Infinity Healing Process in that format as a speaker. I reached out to several summits but only got into a few.

I set the intention that I connect with the perfect mentors, speakers, summits and then a after a few months, my psychic friend who loves Eram’s show told me I would do great with her Summit and that I needed to reach out to her. We connected, I loved her story, I signed up on the spot, learnt priceless information how to do a call successfully and my career took off!

I have clients from all over the world and have been invited in some of the biggest healing summits. I made my investment back and then some after my first call with eram. You can easily make 6 figures from your services using this business model.

I love that it teaches you all that you need. How to create your own program, what to say, how to sell, and how to make more money from the back end. I loved receiving the support from my peers, and that we have a weekly call where we can connect with Eram and ask any questions.

Eram is the one of my best mentors and is always sharing what she is learning to help is succeed even more. Eram’s summit has been the most profitable summit I have been on. They really know how to promote you and how to sell and market better than anyone else.

So if you want to reach more people, make a bigger difference, not have to worry about how to get clients, not have to sell, this will be a game changer! You can simply book in a time to chat with her to see if its a good fit. You are welcome to email me if you want to confirm this information about my experience.

“The Best Investment I Made To Myself And My Healing Business” ~ Iona Flores

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The best investment I made to myself and my healing business was making the decision to follow my inner calling and intuition to join Eram’s telesummit.

Since being on her show I’ve have so many doors open for me and it really launched my career as a healer. I’ve met so many wonderful clients and am so grateful to be a part of this community and FHTJ family.

“There Is No Other Opportunity Like The One Eram Has Created For Newcomers To The Telesummit World” ~ GINA BROLLIER, CREATOR OF ‘THE GODDESS ACTIVATION’

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Being on From Heartache to Joy has absolutely launched my career. There is no other opportunity like the one Eram has created for newcomers to the telesummit world. I am so humbled and grateful that I have been given this divine opportunity to put my work into the world. I have met so many incredible clients through this platform that I continue to work with today. Thank you Eram and the whole team at From Heartache to Joy for believing in me and honoring my work. It has been life changing and I am forever in gratitude.

“Your From Heartache To Joy Has Introduced Me To A Global Audience. I Now Have Clientele World Wide And There Is No Limit To The Impact I Am Able To Provide” ~ REV TOM HUDSON, PHD

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Eram, thank you so very much for your part in all the wonderful things that are happening in my life since and in my business since I became a part of your TSSC program. I feel truly blessed to have met you and been given the opportunity to share my gifts with your audience.

My professional healing career began in 1990. It was location based and so anyone who wanted to see me was forced to travel to my office. This severely limited the number of people who were able to receive my services. Your From Heartache to Joy has introduced me to a global audience. I now have clientele world wide and there is no limit to the impact I am able to provide.

In addition to being able to serve more people, those with whom I’ve come in contact from being on your show are so wonderful. I feel more loved and accepted for who I am than I’ve ever experienced in my life. Being part of the global community you have created is an amazing experience. One that I would not have missed for anything; absolutely priceless. I have you to thank for my exposure to them and also to the family of healers who are part of your program. Thank you.

“Eram Has The Golden Touch To Recognize The Needs Of Her Listeners And To Develop What They Need To Heal, Shift And Coax Their Own Abilities Into The Light” ~ GRACE VALADOR, MBA, INTUITIVE HEALER & CHANNEL,LIFE & BUSINESS COACH, CERTIFIED

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Eram Saeed’s Tele summit Superstar Coaching Program offers a fast-paced opportunity to get your business into gear, your services into place, and your true gifts to surface. Eram has the golden touch to recognize the needs of her listeners and to develop what they need to heal, shift and coax their own abilities into the Light – and of course, our own abilities into the Light.


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I was blessed to participate in Eram Saeed’s Telesummit Super Star Coaching program and I have nothing but praise for her support and her professionalism! My entry into the Telesummit field would have been impossible without the help and guidance that Eram and her marvelous staff provided, and I feel truly blessed to have found this program. As energy workers, our focus is on the value of our work to our clients and to our world. This program is designed to help us present our gifts and our work in a professional manner that serves our work by extending its reach far beyond where we have been able to take it on our own.

Eram understands our work and, perhaps more importantly, our natures as energy workers. She honors our endeavors and gently but firmly guides us through the areas that energy workers tend to ignore, but that hinder our success. Her grasp of marketing and copy writing is nothing short of astounding. The materials she and her staff produce are both beautiful and effective, while still reflecting our personal focus. Her assistance with the technology of this business was invaluable.

Should you be wise enough to participate in her program, be prepared to work very hard, but know that you will have the leadership of a caring and knowledgeable organization on your side and dedicated to your success. Thank you again, Eram, from the bottom of my heart!

“It Will Give You An Income That Supports Your Work” ~ Nancy Jean Mirales

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The JOY of Heart to Heart Healing Connection!

Something that brings an IMMENSE amount of joy into my life is sharing healing and soul connection.

Working with Eram and her amazing team at TSSC has been a blessing and a gift allowing me to share my love of healing through the chakras with a global community full of the people committed to their personal healing path.

Working with Eram and TSSC has allowed my vision of offering my healing arts to expand and FLOURISH.

If you’re a healer and feel that now is the time for you to SHARE your Gifts and Flourish TSSC is a journey that will truly change your life!

You’ll love TSSC for so many reasons:

1. It allows you to grow and connect with your tribe in a new huge way.

2. Offers you a coaching model that supports you expanding your vision of what you can offer and aligning your gifts with your lifes work.

3. It will give you an income that supports your work and your ability to share your gifts with the world

4. Creates a safe space for you to show up and be more visible in the world as a healer

“Now I am making the kind of money I dreamed of!” ~ ANNETT SCHNEIDER

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I’m so grateful for TSSC coaching program, it really changed my life! Now I am making the kind of money that I dreamed of!

The information that I learned and the opportunities that I got were invaluable. Eram has a very special way of interviewing her guests that is a benefit and win-win for all. Her programs change lives. Thank you for this wonderful program and everything that you do for the students.

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